okay, so in the past my new years resolution has always been so clichetone up, become more active, don’t eat so much fatty foods, drink more water and so on…
i am going to try and proactively do all this better however my new years resolution is much much more exciting!

this year i have decided that i am going to step out of my comfort zone and do things that solely make me happy. i want to challenge myself slightly this year. i want to have fun. i want to capture everything on camera. i want to really live.

and all of this came to me over a lovely cup of hot chocolate out with my beautiful fiancé! – what a day that was. i have also gotten one of my best friends into it – casey, my business partner, i cant wait to show you what i have done and to finish the full 366 photos! {leap year}

^said hot chocolate, love it!^

so, i know what you’re all thinking, how will you find something to photograph every single day, for 366 days this year!?

the answer is…

#thebethadillychallenge {i love this challenge}

you can find more information on the challenge at 

keep a look out for my blogs where i will be showing you my bethadilly challenge photo’s!

so, basically i am going to start blogginghopefully a couple of times a month, why?

  • blogging is a fantastic way to express yourself! – try it, i honestly love doing it
  • it get’s your thoughts and creative ideas out there
  • you can connect with so many wonderful people
  • this is where you can be the most positive person you can be, it’ll help your mind-set so much
  • it’s fun! – something you create, make your own


what’s your new year’s resolution?

comment below and tell me all about it!

can’t wait to hear from you

hazelizzy, x


6 thoughts on “newness

  1. This year i didn’t have one. I just rolled into the next year from the last one because I think it was porbably the same as last year! Be interesting to see if you can keep up with doing only things that make you happy – or will reality intervene and ruin it!?

    Wanna be part of something scarily AMAAAZING for bloggers?!
    Have a peek HERE.


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